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It would be an understatement to say that Lil Nas X’s rise to fame was swift. Following the release (or various releases) of his one-of-a-kind western inspired pop rap single “Old Town Road”, we were treated to the 7 EP; his first effort at a bigger project, and perhaps my favourite EP of 2019.

There was plenty to be excited about, after recognising the sheer amount of potential that Lil Nas X had to offer. …

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I recall that it was the october of 2018 that I first started properly diving into the musical world of the south London electro-pop band Kero Kero Bonito. Due to what I would’ve called a pretty scarce time for new music, I was very fortunate to have discovered their newest album at the time, titled Time ’n’ Place. This sophomore studio album presented an incredibly innovative and current brand of pop, that I was 100 percent behind. I definitely enjoyed that project enough to become a swift…

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Being the cousin of someone as prolific as Kendrick Lamar can only mean one thing; the bar for Baby Keem, as well as listeners anticipations, have been set very high. But will Keem have the artistic integrity to meet these high expectations? Let’s find out.

It’s definitely safe to say that Baby Keem has undoubtedly blown up in recent months. We have seen him collaborate with the likes of Travis Scott, as well as his aforementioned cousin. …

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The year of 2019 saw the Melbourne punk four-piece Amyl and The Sniffers release their self-titled debut album, and the lead up to said album was how I managed to discover them.

This debut album turned out to actually be one of my favourite projects of that year (my tenth favourite album of 2019, to be exact). The main reason behind this, was really Amyl and The Sniffers themselves, along with their aesthetic.

Up until that debut effort, I had rarely to never heard a punk rock…

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I feel that at this point, the virtual band sensation that is Gorillaz need very little to no introduction. Of course, they were one of those artists that struck their golden years early on, namely with their first three records.

And while getting back to form in the late 2010s proved to be a bit of a rocky reunion, I was relieved to see that they well and truly let us know that they were back with a creative and nostalgic vengeance, with the release…

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What could possibly have been one of my most anticipated albums of 2021 (a year that had already brought forward some of the strongest music in a very long time), Little Simz’s newest effort had finally arrived last week.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is the fourth studio album from Islington rap artists Little Simz, and is the first to follow her phenomenal third effort GREY Area, released in 2019.

I actually first discovered Little Simz during a live set, in which she was supporting the virtual…

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Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf is the tenth mixtape by Buffalo, new York rap artist Westside Gunn. And while this would serve as the first project from the artist I’ve reviewed, it wouldn’t have been the first that I had heard.

My first proper introduction to Westside Gunn, would be the 2020 album Pray For Paris. That album stood as one of those projects that I was very close to turning into a review. But for one reason or another, it ended up not being a reality.


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The musical project of Filipino singer-songwriter Idris Vicuña, known as Eyedress, was one that I was fortunate enough to have discovered last year, through the warm and vibrant sound of their third studio album, 2020’s Let’s Skip to the Wedding. There was something that was so familiarly soothing about that record, all while adding a uniquely quirky layer on top of the whole thing. As a result, I eagerly kept my eyes peeled for whatever was coming next from Eyedress.

That time arrived earlier this year, as a new…

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If you had read my review for Turnstile’s EP released earlier this year, titled TURNSTILE LOVE CONNECTION, you would’ve seen this paragraph I wrote;

“It does make me beg the question “is this EP a midway point for a larger project coming later on?”, everything I’ve looked at seems to point to the fact that it isn’t, and is instead Turnstile’s musical spoonful for the year. However, I hope that I am proven wrong.”

I’m glad that I was proven wrong.

The fact that the earlier EP…

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Disclaimer: By reviewing this record, I am in no way endorsing or supporting the actions of Kanye West, namely in recent light of his publicity stunt involving DaBaby and Marilyn Manson. I am reviewing this album with its musical content as the primary focus.

For some of you reading this, I really don’t blame you for not keeping Kanye West in your good books. …

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My articles mainly revolve around music reviews and analysis. A bit like Anthony Fantano, but just a decade behind.

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