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I recall it being through a Facebook ad, but the 2020 track “Monsterpiece” was how I was first introduced to Alternative DJ and singer Raf Rundell. Eventually, this track became one of the many memorable singles of 2020 for me, with its hazy, sunny, and upbeat energy, that just really projected a feel-good vibe for me.

Fast-forward to this week just gone, and we receive the sophomore album from Raf Rundell, and the first full project I would’ve listened to from the artist, titled O.M. Days. Somehow, someway, the…

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Unlike a fair few artists that I have reviewed, I am pleased to have been familiar with BROCKHAMPTON and their music for a fair while. Upon first discovering the hip-hop boy band/collective of artists shortly after the release of SATURATION II, I was both intrigued and amazed by the sheer amount of uniqueness and innovation that BROCKHAMPTON brought to the table. As a result, I would still deem the band’s SATURATION series as a whole as one of the most memorable musical projects of the 2010s.


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With the first quarter of the year finally over, I have been feeling eager to find another album that really hits a nice spot with me. And while I tried giving new projects from Iglooghost and The Snuts a chance, their albums didn’t really scratch that itch admittedly.

This was why I was thrilled to ultimately stumble upon this new collaboration between rap duo Armand Hammer, and of course The Alchemist; a producer who I had swiftly come to love after his collaboration with Freddie Gibbs last year. …

For those who have been long-time followers of the blog, you may have been wondering where my monthly round-up articles have ran off to. Due to my aim to invest my time more thoughtfully this year, my answer to that comes in the form of my decision to create “seasonal” round-ups instead.

When I say “seasonal” in this case, it essentially means that I will be compiling a round-up for every quarter of 2021, with the first edition of these highlighting everything we’ve received so far this year, spanning from the very first day of January, to the final day…

Alternative | R&B

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The musical project of Baltimore artist Josiah Wise, known as serpentwithfeet, was another example of an artist whose music I was introduced to as a result of commencing my last minute reviews week. Namely, it was his debut album soil, that I reviewed as part of my last minute reviews week of 2018. I was really wowed by how artsy and surreal that whole project sounded, and for a debut album, it was certainly impressive enough to persuade me into following serpentwithfeet for future projects.

The next project from…

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I first found out about the experimental band Xiu Xiu in 2019, upon my discovery of their eleventh studio album Girl with Basket of Fruit. It puzzles me to this day regarding why I hadn’t discovered them earlier, but either way I could tell their experience really shone through on this record, which carried a highly unnerving tone, that shook me to my core throughout. …

Alternative Rock | Indie Rock

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When I first discovered the Brighton-based indie rock band Black Honey, it was round the time that I was commencing my last minute reviews week for 2018, the same year than listeners saw the arrival of the band’s self-titled debut album.

While that album was most certainly a very enjoyable experience, it felt….to be expected, in my opinion. Perhaps because I was so used to the abundant indie scene that Brighton carries, Black Honey’s debut album made me feel as if the band were still working on…

Jazztronica | Jazz-Fusion | Soul

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I’d like to believe that my taste in music has become pretty damn eclectic over the years. However, if there is one genre in particular that I have come to favour recently, it would be none other than jazz-fusion; more specifically, what I like to call “Jazztronica”.

There is just something about the fusion of jazz elements with electronic ones that really emanate such a strong sense of excitement and innovation. In fact, it feels like the musical equivalent to surrealist art in a way, for its…

Post-Punk | Alternative Rock | Indie

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The alternative rock band that go by the name of Do Nothing was another example of an artist that I had discovered through Album Of the Year’s new releases page, and I remember being drawn to this EP specifically thanks to its eye-grabbing and abundant cover art. That being said, I was eager to give this a listen, and the whimsical roc sound that the band conveyed through Glueland, was certainly enough to seal the deal.

Glueland is the sophomore EP from Do Nothing, who kicked…

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I initially discovered English rap artist Lancey Foux through his collaboration with Bakar, on the late 2020 song “Poison”. I felt that this track specifically, painted a very innovative picture of Lancey in my mind, thanks to it’s incredibly dreamy and angelic feel. The almost alien-like aesthetic that Lancey portrays, on both this track, and also somewhat his early 2021 single “Steelo Flow”.

Oddly enough, neither of these aforementioned singles make an appearance on Lancey Foux’s newest album FIRST DEGREE, which is an album which definitely threw a curveball…

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