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One thing’s for certain, July has been one of the best months of the year so far when it comes to the sheer amount of great EPs we’ve received. And with the month beginning to come to a close, it had one more awesome short project up its sleeve. That project is none other than the debut EP of Brighton-based rising star Minnie Wilde, titled Cradle.

Minnie was recommended to me personally at the very beginning of 2021, this was around the time she had arrived with…

Pop | Rap | Afrobeat

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Note: I’ll be reviewing the “Platinum V.I.P” edition of this album, as there are literally two songs difference between it and the standard edition.

The alias of Olajide (JJ) Olatunji, known as KSI is the person I fully respect as the “is there anything he can’t do” type of guy. As someone who aspires to be as versatile as I can, he certainly sands as a great role model. …

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Being a Brighton-based band, it is safe to say that I was able to jump into YONAKA and their discography quite early on. It all started with their live show at The Prince Albert, complete with a bar tab and some awesome tunes.

But very shortly after (perhaps even around the same time), I fully started getting into their stuff, just in time for the release of their debut album, 2019’s Don’t Wait ’Til Tomorrow.

Considering that Don’t Wait ’Til Tomorrow was YONAKA’s debut effort, it was an extremely…

Experimental | Indie | Rock | Electronic

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The wonderfully surreal and experimental musical project from Florida-born singer and musician Sean Bowie, known as Yves Tumor, has been one that I have enjoyed for quite some time now.

To be more specific, it was through the single release of “Noid” that served as my gateway track into what is now an even more boundary-pushing discography. But even when I discovered the artist and their music in 2018, it was still unlike anything I had really heard before.

I was pleased to find that…

Hip-Hop | Rap

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My knowledge of Rejjie Snow was a bit of an unusual case up until recently. The musical project of the Irish rap artist Alexander Anyaegbunam released the debut studio album, Dear Annie, back in 2018. And while it seemed to push that experimental vibe of Rejjie Snow pretty well, Dear Annie ultimately became one of those albums I nearly reviewed, but never did in the end.

But last week gave me a golden opportunity to redeem myself regarding this matter, advertised by the enigmatic album cover of Rejjie Snow’s…

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It was at the start of July last year, that I fully got into the London-born, Maryland-raised rap artist IDK (formerly known as Jay IDK), with the release of his 2020 mixtape IDK & FRIENDS 2 (Basketball County Soundtrack).

Given the Mixtape status of this project, I could definitely appreciate IDK & FRIENDS 2 for its rawness and rough edges. However, I was excited to see what IDK was capable of when it came to making music on a studio album. Thankfully, I would get that answer exactly one…

Hip Hop | Electronic | Pop

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My first experience listening to the Zimbabwean-born Australian singer-songwriter Tkay Maidza was with the release of her 2020 EP, Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2 (which is a title that holds much more relevance in 2021). I feel that it was through this project that a lot of people, as well as myself, discovered her.

I found the aforementioned EP to be incredibly well-crafted and brought an incredible variety of great tunes with different moods. …

Rock | Hardcore | Punk

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Hardcore has never sounded this light-hearted and fun; this is what I think to myself every time that I listen to the Baltimore hardcore punk band that is Turnstile.

I was lucky to have discovered these guys quite a while ago; a year or two after they released their 2013 EP Step to Rhythm, to be exact. And ever since then, I’ve been quite the fan of their uniquely fun and hard-hitting sound.

That being said, I was able to enjoy both of the band's current studio…

Alternative | Garage | Electronic

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The Birmingham-based rapper, songwriter and record producer Mike Skinner used to be known exclusively for the band he founded, named The Streets. And until very recently, that was pretty much the only thing I had affiliated with him in a musical sense.

I had obviously grown up at a time where tracks like “Has It Come to This?”, “Dry Your Eyes”, and “Fit but You Know It” were true staple songs. But there was more to The Streets that I liked, other than just their old stuff…

Alternative | Psych Soul

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I had heard a fair bit of buzz surrounding the enigmatic and creative Oakland-based song artist Chrystia Cabral, who in respect to this album, goes by the moniker of Spellling.

I seem to recall there being a fair amount of positive praised being poured into her last project, that being 2019’s Mazy Fly. However, it was admittedly one f those projects I wasn’t fully aware of until the end of that year.

Two years later, and we get Spellling’s newest effort, in the form of her third album…

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