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I never really thought that I would truly get round to reviewing an album from Beyoncé; an artist that really needs no introduction at this point. But here I finally am, at the dead end of July, with nothing to really write about except her brand new album. It’s certainly fair to say that RENAISSANCE has taken up the vast majority of the spotlight for this year’s most recent new music Friday, so now it’s time for me to finally add my thoughts.

RENAISSANCE is Beyoncé’s seventh studio album. And given the nature of her most recent projects, I was expecting something that would sound like it was in a very similar vein. However, this album manages to let itself stand out just a little bit more, as the album definitely feels like one that has a better grasp of today’s modern pop climate.

On top of that, RENAISSANCE also brings a type of vibe that would suggest that Beyoncé has fully embraced her presence as the LGBTQ+ icon that she is. Not only is this album allegedly a love letter to the artist’s late gay uncle, but the sense of empowerment definitely sits more comfortably on any kind of pride playlist.

Her teaser single “BREAK MY SOUL” very much led the way for the kind of aesthetic this album was going for. and while I found this track to be relatively repetitive on the first few listens, it eventually grew on me, as any track that’s just that catchy would. The aesthetic in question, is a very vibrant, flashy, and feel-good vibe that feels like a brilliant musical fit for this time of year (especially with Brighton Pride just around the corner).

This record also carries a generous helping of 16 tracks, and a runtime clocking in at over an hour. That being said, those feel-good vibes are a lasting gift on RENAISSANCE. However, with all of the tracks to dig into on here, there are of course a handful of tracks that detracted from the experience overall. It was these tracks that primarily brought forward the kind of borderline-cheapness that had put me off previous Beyoncé projects in the past, and simply didn’t fit well at all with the album’s general presence, lowering the album’s impact greatly as a result.

With that handful of tracks that I had just mentioned, the album as a whole could best be described as what is still a mixed bag for me personally. Even so, RENAISSANCE carries some of the most unique and enjoyable Beyoncé tracks in a very long time.

There’s no doubt that Beyoncé’s seventh studio album will get all of the positive credit that (for the most part) it rightfully deserves. But as someone who looks back on Beyoncé as an artist that is most well known for her classic tunes (namely her golden age of the 2000’s, and her hits under Destiny’s Child prior), it is fantastic to see her diverge a little from that formula, and bring forth what feels like a new chapter in her discography. The album’s title tells no lie; this definitely feels like some kind of renaissance in the musical timeline of Beyoncé.


Least Favourite Track: CHURCH GIRL

Parkwood Entertainment | Columbia Records | Sony Music

Final Score: 73%



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