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My discovery of US rap artist Cordae (formerly known as YBN Cordae) happened very recently. While I was faintly aware of his previous title, it was through the release of his late 2021 single “Sinister” that I actually started listening to his music.

That being said, what I heard, I enjoyed. And while this was mainly down to the likes of Hit-Boy behind the wheel in regards to production, the feature of Lil Wayne, and Cordae’s own unrelenting bars certainly helped to raise the appeal. That being said, “Sinister” persuaded me enough to keep my eyes and ears out for any new material that Cordae may be releasing in the new year of 2022. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait that long at all for the rapper to come through with something big.

From a Birds Eye View is the sophomore studio album from Cordae, following his 2019 debut, The Lost Boy. I had heard from others that his debut was pretty decent; and from the little skim-through of that album that I have had, I would have to agree. But i think that I can speak for most people when I say that an expectation was set upon Cordae’s sophomore to go one step further.

And I have to give credit where credit is due, From a Birds Eye View certainly delivers upon these expectations.

The first reason why I feel that to be the case, is how engaging Cordae can be with his bars on this album. Furthermore, he weaves his genuine words into the framework of the project, to provide a strong yet easy-to-grasp narrative; one where Cordae reflects upon the loved ones he has lost, and pairs that with his blossoming success. It gives the whole album this kind of sentiment, in which it is kind of a love letter to those he has lost, and hopes that they are fondly looking down on him; “from a birds eye view”, so to speak.

The second, and arguably the most glistening reason in the eyes of a production-sucker like myself, would have to be the fingerprints that Hit-Boy leaves on this album’s instrumentals. The production allows From a Birds Eye View to stand as a colourful and highly enjoyable experience, with each track having at least a few things going for them. It also just speaks so much volumes, in regards to just how great of a producer Hit-Boy is.

I mainly give this Hit-Boy-directed praise off the back of Nas’ 2021 album King’s Disease II; my third favourite album of that entire year. That being said, this album does give off many similarities to the aforementioned masterpiece.

Like, honestly, so many of the tracks on here that just hit the mark tremendously, whether that be by merit of catchiness, soulfulness, or something else.

In short, I feel that From a Birds Eye View is the best kind of “show-offy” rap albums that seem so prevalent in the music genre. While giving a well-earned boast about his success, Cordae weave’s that with a sentimental narrative that actually engages fans.

Favourite Tracks: Today | Sinister | Champagne Glasses | Westlake High

Least Favourite Track: C Carter

Atlantic Records

Final Score: 85%




My articles mainly revolve around music reviews and analysis. A bit like Anthony Fantano, but just a decade behind.

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Joe Boothby

Joe Boothby

My articles mainly revolve around music reviews and analysis. A bit like Anthony Fantano, but just a decade behind.

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