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Some of you readers might know that I am a huge fan of the multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and singer Anderson .Paak. And while this may be an odd thing to mention when beginning my review for a completely different artist, that being the musical duo and rising stars DOMi & JD BECK, it isn’t quite so farfetched considering that these two are the very first signees to .Paak’s brand new record label, known as APESHIT Inc.

On top of that, the first DOMi & JD BECK track that I had heard also features the likes of Anderson .Paak, which served as the very reason I discovered these two in the first place. Titled “TAKE A CHANCE”, this track was released shortly before the release of the duo’s debut album, which has been dubbed NOT TiGHT.

Judging from the nature of “TAKE A CHANCE”, I initially reckoned that the duo were purely one that got my attention through their brilliant vocal harmonies. But while we do get to hear a little more of this on NOT TiGHT in its entirety, the duo become far more prominent by more instrumental merits.

Quite a large chunk of the album involves an almost jazz-improvisation type of approach, and this style encompasses the album. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to fully recognise the style that these two have clearly honed.

But what arguably had me the most excited for this album, would have to be the exciting list of features it has to offer. Probably thanks to the connections that Anderson .Paak has, NOT TiGHT boasts the inclusion of Snoop Dogg, Mac DeMarco, Busta Rhymes, Thundercat, and of course .Paak himself (not to mention even more).

It was the tracks that included features (for the most part) that had me invested in the album, once I fully delved into the cut. As for the tracks that were without feature, they certainly weren’t bad either. However, many of the instrumentals, with their jazz-improvising nature, did feel challenging to fully grasp onto. Perhaps it is simply the vocal inclusions that give the better chunk of this album the more memorable edge. Therefore, I feel that going forward DOMi & JD BECK would do well to adopt this more, or instead make their tunes a bit more solid constructively.

That’s the only real gripe that I had with this album however, and it’s certainly safe to say that NOT TiGHT is a very solid debut effort. With the summer at its ripest month, the atmosphere of this album certainly feels very apt as well, and has all of the vibrance one can expect from an album as jazzy as this one.

With Anderson .Paak taking these two under his wing, it feels rightfully deserved, as DOMi & JD BECK show tonnes of promise. I am definitely excited to see where this duo, along with Anderson .Paak’s newfound label goes next.

Favourite Tracks: U DON’T HAVE TO ROB ME | MOON | PiLOT

Least Favourite Track: DUKE

APESHIT Inc. | Blue Note Records | UMG

Final Score: 72%



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