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One thing that has been glaringly noticeable during this whole pandemic period, is the uprising of facebook and instagram ads that resent upcoming talent. And while music on social media is presented to me at a tiring degree, there are a few gems here and there, that grab my attention.

The newest album from Filipino musician Idris Vicuña, more widely known as Eyedress, was one of the instances where an Instagram music ad really piqued my interest.

Let’s Skip To The Wedding is, according to Spotify, the fourth full-length album from Eyedress, and has been the fourth instance of the artist releasing an album each year since 2017. But what led me to the album itself was the single “Jealous” which was indeed the track that played when I discovered Eyedress on Instagram.

In the case of that track specifically, I really enjoyed just how raw and hazy it sounded. That kind of stylistic approach made the track feel like it could’ve easily been released thirty-odd years ago. But the kind of energy that the track brought to the table also felt like something that is aimed at the ears of more youthful listeners.

As if the music video for “Jealous” didn’t make this clear enough, the album as a whole has a heavily skater-boy centred attitude, which intentional or not, gives this album a kind of concept which focuses on your typical skater kind (a breed of human which I see commonly, being based around Brighton). But I also noticed what seemed like a gradual journey into a less self-centred and childish love as the album progressed. And if I have hit this nail straight on the head, I am furthermore impressed by this album from a contextual perspective.

However, Let’s Skip to the Wedding, from a stylistic standpoint, leaves a fair bit to be desired. And when I say this, I actually mean that I would’ve desired less.

This album brings together a total of 19 songs, but is only 40 minutes in length. This means that nearly all of the tracks are presented in a quick-fire fashion, leaving little time for the listener to fall in love with a big chunk of them.

It also doesn’t help that there are so many different musical styles crammed into this one project. Eyedress himself has been labelled as an artist who has been labelled as punk-rock, noise-rock, shoegaze, dream pop, indie rock, and more. Quite frankly, all of these labels hold at least some resemblance in part of the album. And in my opinion, I would’ve expected a lot more stylistic consistency, given that this is the fourth full-length album from the artist.

But on the flipside, I do enjoy the variety of moods to a degree (noticed how I said moods and not genres), and ended up enjoying a good chunk of the tracks that this album has to offer. All of which, carry that incredibly warm, and equally nostalgic feeling that definitely helps Let’s Skip to the Wedding to stand out from the majority of 2020 albums.

Favourite Tracks: I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend | Jealous | Never Been to Prom

Least Favourite Track: My Girl the Finest

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