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It might be fair to say that the skyrocketing success of English singer-songwriter FKA twigs can primarily be accredited to her two phenomenal studio albums, 2014’s LP1 and 2019’s Magdalene. If not that, they certainly helped the artist become as popular as is today.

But given some of the other aspects surrounding this fame, such as celebrity partnerships and all of the other pressure that come with being under the spotlight, FKA twigs begins the journey towards finding a greater sense of confidence and independence. The destination of said journey, comes in the form of her first mixtape, and her newest musical project, CAPRISONGS.

My initial experience listening to FKA twigs was through Magdalene, upon its release. Through that album, I was able to pick up on the insane level of artistry, reminiscent of an artist like Kate Bush. Given that CAPRISONGS was a release from FKA twigs that has arrived very early into 2022, and also that it is the first twigs project release since Magdalene, I was very excited to get into this one.

However, CAPRISONGS gives off quite a different aura to the likes of her previous project. Made clear by her teaser track (and collaboration with The Weeknd) “tears in the club”, CAPRISONGS would go on to have a more commercial feel overall, mixing in pop, afrobeat, and trap elements into the more artistic aesthetic that twigs fans are used to.

Combining this more rich stylistic mixture, and the fact that CAPRISONGS is a whopping 17 tracks long, this mixtape feels like a remarkably versatile experience, with what seems like something new around every corner. and while this seems like a very risky creative decision (especially for a mixtape), twigs manages to bind the whole thing together with its narrative.

The narrative in question, highlights FKA twigs’ past relationships, and her aim to fully transition into a fully independent and fully confident rockstar. This is laid bare by all of the soundbites that are scattered throughout the project. What I personally loved about this narrative, was how much it resonated with somebody like me. I too, hope to be more confident and independent this year, and I’m sure many other listeners are feeling the same way.

Even if not, January serves as the most apt time to release a project with a narrative sentiment like the one on CAPRISONGS. And mixed with just how colourful this mixtape is musically, it makes for an insanely memorable experience.

I think that the colourful musicality of this mixtape, however, can be considered a double-edged sword. I might have to agree that this project may not be for everyone, and may catch fans who were expecting a continuation of twigs’ artistry off guard. There were even some track on here that I found to be a bit too commercial and generic for FKA twigs’ own good.

Nevertheless though, CAPRISONGS stands as what I feel will be an iconic musical moment of 2022. After all, a vast amount of its tracks are already living rent-free in my head. If you are yet to listen to it, you may find yourself feeling the same way once you have.

Favourite Tracks: meta angel | oh my love | minds of men

Least Favourite Track: honda


Final Score: 83%



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