Last Minute Album Reviews — 2021 Edition

Seven final album reviews, delivered in miniature entries

In the lead up to my 2021 edition of list week, as per tradition, it is time to wrap up my 2021 reviews, with my last minute reviews article.

For those who don’t know, this article is essentially my chance to revisit a selection of albums that I hadn’t reviewed beforehand in 2021. Whether it be because I was too busy at the time, if my appreciation for an album grew later on, or if there were any releases past my final full review, they are all eligible to be on here.

With that said, I have finalised the seven albums that I feel deserve more of a listen from myself until the year of 2021 is up. Essentially, it’s one album for each day.

As these are last minute reviews, I won’t be going into as much detail with each album, but will still give a good enough synopsis surrounding how I feel towards each of them, and listing some of my favourite tracks from each as well.

So without any further delay, let’s go.

Myd — Born a Loser

By the time I discovered the debut album from french musician, sound engineer, and DJ Myd, I was about a month or so late. That being said, I knew it was the first albums I wanted to review for Last Minute Reviews Week.

What initially had me interested in this album was its closing track, featuring none other than Bakar. The sheer level of atmosphere that this track presented set my expectations very high for when I would finally get round to listening to it properly.

For the most part, Born a Loser delivers this and then some. And while there are a few tracks here and there that are either repetitive or a bit skeletal, I still thoroughly enjoyed the vast majority of this album’s music.

Best Quality: Atmosphere

Favourite Tracks: We Are The Light | Moving Men | We Found It

Olivia Rodrigo — SOUR

Not too long after the release of American Singer-Songwriter Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album SOUR, more and more positive reception came rolling in. That being said, I felt that it would’ve definitely been a missed opportunity to not have given this a listen.

Upon finally listening to SOUR, I was surprised to find that many of the songs seemed fairly familiar. I have a feeling that I may have heard some of these songs before, either from friends or the radio.

Even if that wasn’t the case, the sense of familiarity may have just come from how iconic this album comes across as. Rodrigo’s songwriting is incredibly engaging. And while I feel that nearly all of her songs may be about the same one person, there’s a brilliantly tight narrative that keeps this album held together.

Best Quality: Memorability

Favourite Tracks: brutal | 1 step forward, 3 steps back | deja vu

Lady Gaga — Dawn Of Chromatica

Dawn Of Chromatica, in a nutshell, is a remix album of Lady Gaga’s 2020 album Chromatica. Therefore, my initial decision to not review it sprung from the idea that it is a remix album, so did it really count as a “new album”, so to speak.

However, given how futuristic and alien the original Chromatica sounded, a compilation of club banger remixes of the album’s songs made a tonne of sense. As a result, Dawn Of Chromatica is an entirely different breed.

Admittedly, I had listened to and enjoyed a handful of what was on Dawn Of Chromatica after it came out, namely the remixes for “Replay” and “Free Woman”. But upon giving the entirety of Dawn Of Chromatica a proper listen, a good majority of the remixes are incredibly well done, and breathe new life into what were already amazing tracks.

Best Quality: Enjoyment

Favourite Tracks: Free Woman Remix | Replay Remix | Sine From Above Remix

Injury Reserve — By the Time I Get to Phoenix

There are two possible reasons why I didn’t initially review this album when it first came out. Either I was way too busy at the time, or the sheer level of experimentation that I gathered from the initial skin-through ultimately dissuaded me.

Nevertheless, I am incredibly glad that I decided to give By the Time I Get to Phoenix before the year was up. Very few albums this year have reached such a marvellous level of experimentation and immersion.

Stylistically, this album almost stands as a fusion of Jazztronica with the likes of Death Grips. If you’re into either or both of the aforementioned, I would place high bets that you would be mesmerised by this piece. Trust me, its one of the most out-there pieces I’ve heard in 2021 by a long stretch.

Best Quality: Uniqueness

Favourite Tracks: Outside | Smoke Don’t Clear | Bye Storm

Biffy Clyro — The Myth of The Happily Ever After

Back in the Summer of 2020, Biffy Clyro had released their eighth studio album A Celebration of Endings, a project which I actually wrote a full review on, and enjoyed. But given the similar artwork, as well as the short amount of time it took for Biffy Clyro’s following project, this years The Myth of The Happily Ever After, I certainly may have underestimated the project at first as some kind of b-sides project. Besides which, I was also very busy with album reviews anyway when this one was released.

But I do have to say, The Myth of The Happily Ever After really did take me by surprise. And in fact, it may even just carry even more character, vibrance, and enjoyment than the album that preceded it. It beats me, how Biffy Clyro had manage to conceive and release such a well-polished project in such short notice, but they managed to do it either way. To top it all off, this album carries just as many anthemic and festival-ready tracks as one would come to expect.

Best Quality: Satisfaction

Favourite Tracks: A Hunger In Your Haunt | Witch’s Cup | Errors In The History Of God

Rick Ross — Richer Than I Ever Been

It’s strange to think, after how long I have known of rick ross, and enjoyed so many of his features, that Richer Than I Ever Been would stand as the very first actual album from the Hip-Hop extraordinaire that I would listen to from start to finish.

Regardless, this album carries a level of luxury in its sound, that I would definitely expect from a musical kingpin such as Rick Ross. And while I have definitely been spoiled by soulful rap beats this year, many of the tunes on Richer Than I Ever Been rise to the challenge.

And, of course, this album is another victory lap of success. However, it does sound especially good, and especially genuine, coming from an artist like this one.

Best Quality: Satisfaction

Favourite Tracks: Little Havana | Marathon | Outlawz

Roddy Ricch — LIVE LIFE FAST

Roddy Ricch definitely seems to be developing the habit of releasing big projects at the very end of the year, as shown by his previous album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial, and now this newest project of his. That being said, LIVE LIFE FAST has made it onto last minute reviews week by the merit of literally being a last minute album.

I kind of got into Roddy Ricch via the aforementioned previous album, and particularly his well-known bop “The Box”. However, I wasn’t just happy at leaving it at that, and wanted to give his newest project as a whole more attention.

I love how LIVE LIFE FAST is seemingly reflecting just how fast Roddy Ricch’s life is going thanks to his newfound success, and how the artist is embracing this faster pace of living. This narrative is pasted onto a very atmospheric and nocturnal production throughout. It is certainly a very vibey way to end off the year.

Best Quality: Atmosphere

Favourite Tracks: llf | crash the party | moved to miami

So there we have it folks; that properly concludes my album reviewing for 2021. However, there’s still my favourites to discuss and look back on.

List week will commence, starting from tomorrow; with one list every day, leading up to New Years Eve.

That being said, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for all of the amazing EP’s, Albums, Singles, and much more.



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