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While the reviews I normally write on my independent blog are for projects by artists who are, for the most part, relatively well known, and my reviews for more independent and upcoming artists can normally be found on Indie Top 39, I wanted to give a full independent review for the latest project from a band who holds an oddly special place in my heart; that would be none other than the four-piece band that is LibraLibra.

I managed to discover the likes of LibraLibra in the days where I was still writing live reviews for BrightonsFinest, before the local music magazine changed it up to become a radio station. I recall it being at a show at The Hope & Ruin on Queens Road, where a band known as indie band known as Thyla had a headline set for. I was initially interested in going because of the first act that was the incredible La Lune, who had a duet with electronic pop star, and good friend Seeva. The band that had their set sandwiched in-between La Lune and Thyla, was indeed LibraLibra.

It was of course my first instance of exposure to the bands music. And while there had been many-a-band who I newly discovered through a live show, LibraLibra just felt especially stand-out, for their unique and progressive stage presence, along with amazing melodies (both vocal and instrumental).

In the time between that show and now, it has always been a task in the back of my mind to try and remember what the name of that amazing band was. and oddly enough, It wasn’t until very recently that facebook finally had the answer for me. that band was called LibraLibra, and they had released their debut EP.

The very first EP from LibraLibra was titled Hail Mary, and features all of the previous singles that had been released in 2020. However, given my search for rediscovering LibraLibra hadn’t reached its eureka moment until very recently, the Hail Mary EP was a completely fresh experience for myself.

For those who didn’t know of LibraLibra until now, I think that the most fitting way to describe their musical style is basically if Kate Bush was the frontwoman for Don Broco, mix that together, and throw in a sprinkle of VUKOVI’s aesthetic for good measure, and you pretty much have LibraLibra.

Especially in the earlier part of this EP, Hail Mary succeeds in creating a live energy that feel reminiscent of my first time discovering the band, and along with that, it fills the listener with that similar sense of euphoria that one could normally only get through listening to live music. To be more specific about “the earlier part”, tracks like “Lonely Girl” and “Rock Band” do an exceptional job of creating that upbeatness needed to really kick this project off with a bang.

However, although this is a 6 track EP, two of those 6 songs are essentially interludes, which while they would work brilliantly on a full-length album, just makes the EP a much more brief experience that it is initially made out to be, which is virtually my biggest issue with the EP.

But the high-point of this project doesn’t arrive until the very end, with the closing track that is “Listerine”. The slow and intimate piano melody makes for the ideal backdrop for the vocals to truly take centre stage, and my goodness, if they are not completely stunning!

I truly felt every stitch of emotion that had been weaved into that track, and as a result, the EP could end on a very high-note.

All in all, while I was still left longing for more when all is said and done, Hail Mary is an incredibly solid debut effort from a band that I am delighted to have rediscovered. I will most certainly keep my eyes and ears open for any new material that may be on the way in the near future, and I’ll be sure to remember that they are named LibraLira from here on out.

Favourite Tracks: Lonely Girl | Rock Band | Listerine

Least Favourite Track: Juicy Lucy



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