Lynks Afrikka — Smash Hits, Vol. 1 — EP Review

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My ties with the both the music and drag culture in Bristol is loosely knotted, but still existent. As a result, I had already heard a little about the gender-bending pop artist that is Lynks Afrikka.

I first discovered them in the time that circulated the release of their sophomore single “Str8 Acting”. However, I must admit that upon the release of their debut EP, Smash Hits Vol. 1, it would be the first instance in which I properly delved into the music of Lynks Afrikka.

From what I know of the Bristol music scene, especially in the queer circle of it, it wasn’t unreasonable for me to expect something very innovative. To my pleasure, Smash Hits Vol. 1 was exactly that.

Every now and again, a project will come along, that is written in such a topical and satirical manner, and these types of projects can be very hit or miss in most cases. But I feel that thanks to Lynks Afrikka’s character and aesthetic, it definitely justifies and validates this kind of songwriting.

And what better way to begin this EP with the aforementioned “Str8 Acting”, which blatantly and humorously calls out the societal hetero agenda, which in many cases is portrayed as “what everyone should be”, which as a result has left its mark anywhere and everywhere.

In fact, a large incentive behind this EP seems to be highlighting a number of harmful societal norms, others being the careers system, and of course the 2020 pandemic, which is covered in a bonus track, which I’d never think I’d live long enough to see on an EP.

I feel that the two biggest factors that make this EP as enjoyable as it is, would be the songwriting and the production. While the beats are as layered and voluminous as you would expect from the Bristol music scene, the writing and the wordplay was what really commanded my attention throughout the whole thing.

The only real exception for me in terms of songwriting, would be the track “I Don’t Know What I Want”, which is written with that kind of “list-off” formula which feels very overdone at this point, and quite frankly, very easy to write.

But given that this is a debut EP from Lynks Afrikka, I strongly feel that it is an incredibly solid and promising effort. It feels incredibly clear that Lynks has tonnes more creative and innovative things hidden underneath their signature balaclava. And quite frankly, I cannot wait to hear more.

Favourite Tracks: Str8 Acting | How To Be Successful | Rise + Shine

Least Favourite Track: I Don’t Know What I Want



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