Ocean Grove — Up In The Air Forever — Album Review

Pop-Punk | Nu Metal | Rock | Indie

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It was a pretty strange time when I first discovered the Australian pop punk band Ocean Grove. To be more specific, it was shortly before the great lockdown of 2020. Supporting the likes of Crossfaith, during the last live show I went to pre-isolation, I was blown away by how this band were both uniquely awesome and greatly nostalgic all at once.

Those same hints of nostalgia multiplied tenfold upon the release of Ocean Grove’s sophomore studio album, Flip Phone Fantasy. Adding a more hopeful touch to an otherwise dreary lockdown, that album had no trouble at all standing amongst my favourite albums of 2020. I have been a fan and follower of the band ever since.

With that said, I was eager to see what Ocean Grove had up their sleeve for their next musical project. And while the time between Flip Phone Fantasy and now saw the departure of guitarist Matthew Henley, new music still appeared to be imminent.

The teasing begun back in very late 2021, upon the release of the single “CALI SUN”. It stylistically felt like a great way to bridge the gap between what I was familiar with, and what was going to come next.

We got a couple more teasers earlier this year, such as “SILVER LINING” and “SEX DOPE GOLD”. The impression that all three of these tracks were giving, was that Ocean Grove’s brand new album, Up In The Air Forever, was perhaps going to be a more accessible record, and certainly a catchy one of that as well.

The latter statement most certainly shines through on the finished product. Up In The Air Forever feels more and more fun every time I listen to it. It’s simply bursting with the super explosive and vibrant musical style of this awesome band. Ocean Grove really seem to be capitalising on this sound on this new record, making it a truly defining moment for the group.

Much like how I felt from Flip Phone Fantasy, the sound of Up In The Air Forever really has me excited for the warm and energetic Summer season, as many of the songs serve as vital additions to a perfect Summer soundtrack. It very much carries almost every aspect of what made the previous album so enjoyable, while adding in a little bit more vibrance, warmth and attitude for good measure. It simply feels like the perfect continuation of Ocean Grove’s musical career, and I’m loving every second of it.

Up In The Air Forever will likely go down the same way as Flip Phone Fantasy as well, in the sense that its apt release time will really benefit its sense of sentimentality. I honestly can’t wait to be at a festival just blasting out tunes like “BUSTIN” and “NOISE” at the next festival I go to in the blazing hot sun, and that kind of excitement I feel is the mark of a feel-good album done right.


Least Favourite Track: SILENCE


Final Score: 83%



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