Poppy — I Disagree — Album Review

Industrial Metal | Dream Pop

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The musician/viral sensation Poppy was somebody who I knew of, but until now, hadn’t perhaps paid as much attention to. I knew roughly of her ambition to blend both dream pop and industrial metal together (a mix which on paper, seems like an impossible thing to execute well), and had heard tiny fragments of the music she had prior to this albums release.

I will go ahead and admit that at this point, I wasn’t wholeheartedly interested in listening to Poppy’s music from there on out, but with the new years, comes an even more open musical state of mind. As a result, I decided to take the plunge into her third studio album; I Disagree.

I Disagree, unfortunately, doesn’t get off to the most promising sound, with the introductory track “Concrete” being a glaring example of how the mixture of cute pop and fearsome metal can come across as hideously disjointed and messy.

However, thing do thankfully start to smooth out from there, with the following tracks really giving us more of a style that I would affiliate with Poppy herself, rather than the two genres she blends together on this record. and with the painted picture that this is Poppy’s style, it makes for much more of a unique and engaging experience overall.

I’d say that the genre blending isn’t the only factor that went into the aesthetic of this album. I was pleased to hear that this album seems to have taken a couple of leaves out of Billie Eilish’s book, with I Disagree excelling at creating a ghostly undertone just as well as Eilish’s own album; When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?.

And apart from the likes of “Concrete” and a few other singles on this album, Poppy manages to execute the whole gritty and cute crossover really quite well. There are many a track on here that succeeded in unnerving me with its dark and intense melodies as well as the unpredictable yet well-done switches in mood.

Poppy has essentially taken a style concept which seemed destined to fail, and has somehow managed to make it work. I feel that I Disagree really shows us how innovative this artist could potentially end up being. i am excited to see what she does next.

Favourite Tracks: BLOODMONEY | Anything Like Me | Sick of the Sun

Least Favourite Track: Fill the Crown

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