Ric Wilson & Terrace Martin — They Call Me Disco — EP Review

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Hip Hop | Rap | Jazz Fusion

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By browsing on Album of the Year for new releases, was how I managed to stumble across this new EP that serves as a collaboration between disco-rap artist Ric Wilson and jazz musician Terrace Martin. While both of these artists were new to me upon discovering this recent release, the album cover was glamorous enough to draw me in. And thankfully, much of the music on here was well worth the delve.

Beginning with Terrace Martin, I really like the way that he implements himself and his musical style into this EP without overshadowing everything else, his contribution sinks into the album extremely well. And thanks to his instrumental versatility, this EP still feels like a hip-hop record at heart.

They Call Me Disco is a six track EP with a runtime of roughly 17 minutes. This duration did surprise me upon finding it out, as the fullness of the experience I had suggested that it would at least be a little lengthier. This is obviously a very good aspect of the EP, as these two artists had clearly succeeded in packing a fulfilling musical experience into such a limited amount of time.

While the style of the music found on this EP veers closer to hip-hop than anything else, there are clear layers of disco groove, jazz aesthetics and indie electronic sounds that allow They Call Me Disco to stand out from your typical hip-hop piece. The atmosphere that this EP provided me with is very similar to the likes of Buddy’s Harlan & Alondra; a 2018 album which I praised as a highly innovative rap record for sure.

Furthermore, this EP gives off that same level of warm, summer-like energy that made the aforementioned album such an unforgettable project. There is a very versatile range of feel-good melodies that I can only wish I could appreciate fully outside in the summer air.

Aesthetically, They Call Me Disco successfully homes in on the whole disco vibe, and I shouldn’t be too surprised with this considering Ric Wilsons reputation as a “disco rapper”. This felt most apparent on tracks like “Don’t Kill The Wave” and “Move Like This” which were both naturally made to dance and groove to.

As far as EP’s go, They Call Me Disco is definitely amongst the finest I’ve heard in 2020. There is so much style and atmosphere that has been masterfully condensed into a short span of time to create something that feels like so much more than just a quick fix. Ric Wilson’s lyrical flows are just as smooth as the indulgent production, which Terrace Martin makes all the more unique. I also loved the additional features that this EP had to offer, and they helped each of the tracks feel unique against one another.

They Call Me Disco already feels like a project that synonymous with the summertime. if not this year, I aim to fully enjoy this EP in all its glory in the next.

Favourite Tracks: Breakin Rules | Don’t Kill The Wave | Chicago Bae

Least Favourite Track: Beyond Me

Free Disco | EMPIRE


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