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Seeva and their music is indeed a special case, in comparison to almost all of the other projects I review on this blog. Aside from being a truly incredible talent (especially in regards to Seeva’s angelic vocals), they are also a good acquaintance of mine, who I have had the pleasure of watching grow.

And Seeva has most certainly grown fast as an artist; kick-starting the discography under the Seeva alias with his collaborative single with La Lune, named “Heartstop.”, Seeva had only wowed me more and more with each release. The highlight of his musical career, in my eyes, would have to be the 2020 debut album We Need To Talk; an absolute milestone, and true reflection of the raw talent that Seeva carries in spade-loads.

That being said, it was exciting to discover the release of their brand new EP, titled Afterthoughts, especially when I consider how low on EP review’s I have been so far in 2022. Having said this, however, the consistent release of teaser tracks could’ve only spelt another project on the horizon, and that project is finally here!

Afterthoughts carries with it a set of 5 tracks; a pretty nice amount to settle on by EP standards. And as I have come to expect with an artist like Seeva, all five of these tracks make for stunningly beautiful experiences.

But as the teaser tracks especially pointed towards, Afterthoughts serves as a chance for Seeva to try out a few new elements instrumentally. As the acoustic backdrop to “Twenty-Two” and the catchy accessible production of “Suburbia” point out, this EP also provides an excellent gateway for new fans. And given that Seeva gives almost all of the mainstream pop contemporaries a run for their money, it would be a crime for me not to point out this project to those who may be unfamiliar with Seeva and their musical works.

Kicking this EP off, we have the opening track “Artefacts”, which is arguably the most anthemic track, and most reminiscent of the kind of music that Seeva has released previously. It’s a really nice way to transition from one project to the other; in this case, from We need To Talk to Afterthoughts. The second track, “Closer” follows suit in a similar way. With a beautiful piano-focused instrumental to perfectly complement Seeva’s heavenly vocals.

To make up the later part of this EP, we end things off with the three teaser tracks that were released before. As I touched upon earlier, it’s these teaser tracks mainly that add the spice of a few new elements to the mix, allowing Afterthoughts to stand out slightly more as its own project.

All in all, it should come as no surprise that Afterthoughts is yet another amazing project, independently released by this truly incredible artist. I would obviously recommend this EP to anyone in need of an short and sweet yet no less emotive listening experience.

Favourite Tracks: Suburbia | Twenty-Two | Gemini Moon

Seeva Music Limited

Final Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



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