Six More EP Reviews for 2022

As those of you who have been following my blog might already know, 2022 has been a pretty scarce year for EPs in particular. This is so much so that I’ve only reviewed four so far this year. On top of that, there was only one that I was really impressed with.

That being said, I thought it time for me to try and change that. And the product of that decision is this article you see before you. I have managed to discover six more EPs to add to the 2022 musical catalogue, and for me to consider towards making my end of year lists.

Mich like how I have done in the past with my “Last Minute Album Review” series, I will be reviewing these EP’s in a quickfire manner. I will give a brief description of what I like about the EP, and also list my favourite track off of each project.

So without further delay, let’s dive right in.


While JPEGMAFIA’s 2021 album, titled LP! was an incredible album in its own right, there was one track, also released that year, that I wish was on there, named “HAZARD DUTY PAY”. Thankfully, Peggy’s answer to that came in the form of OFFLINE!; an EP that featured not only “HAZARD DUTY PAY”, but a bunch of other creative tracks as well, following suit from his other projects.

Favourite Track: HAZARD DUTY PAY

Scarlxrd — Lxlwut?

I was admittedly disappointed by Scarlxrd’s most recent album. That being said, I was initially hesitant to review the EP that arrived at almost exactly the same time. However, Lxlwut? actually stands as a very creative and refreshing take on the Scarlxrd formula, borrowing a few little elements of hyperpop to spice things up a little. Fair to say, this EP definitely took me by surprise.

Favourite Track: Hahahahahaqhdfg

Softcult — Year of the Snake

This was an EP that I only discovered after searching for more EP’s that have arrived in 2022. However, Softcult’s Year of the Snake is no less impressive. Sharing similarities with other artists I enjoy such as VUKOVI and YONAKA, this duo shows that this duo of post punkers can be equally bewitching and gritty. They get their aesthetic across brilliantly on this badass and generous EP.

Favourite Track: BWBB

Sevdaliza — Raving Dahlia

My introduction to the musical catalogue of Sevdaliza; Raving Dahlia is actually the fourth EP release from the Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter. Nevertheless, it was no less mesmerising with its incredible sense of ambience and experimentation. It arguably stands as one of the easiest EPs on this entire article to get completely lost in, thanks to its amazing soundscaping.

Favourite Track: System


After discovering LOU, not through his music, but his involvement in the YouTube channel known as TGF, I found myself enjoying his musical releases a surprising amount. And while I normally wouldn’t dabble as much into the realm of pop-punk as much as most other genres, I have to give credit where credit is due, and say that LOU absolutely smashed his first EP release.

Favourite Track: HOMESICK

Tara — Better With Time

And finally, we have an EP that was actually recommended to me by somebody else. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the debut project that Tara had put out. I primarily enjoyed the way that this EP feeled, and how it sounded so intimate to the point where I felt as if I was seeing the artist live. Better With Time truly is a heartwarming and impressive first EP.

Favourite Track: Hunny, Honey

And that concludes my extra additions to my listening catalogue of EP’s in 2022. Hopefully, this article has served as a good means to share with some of you readers a few more EP releases to get your teeth stuck into for the musical year of 2022.



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