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Back at the beginning of 2019 was when I discovered the alternative indie group that was Sundara Karma. Being a very big fan of their flamboyant energy from the moment I had heard their track “Higher States”, I was able to become quite keen on them shortly before the release of their sophomore studio album Ulfilas’ Alphabet.

This album ended up settling amongst my favourite albums of last year. So with that being said, I was excited to discover the release of the single “Kill Me” in early October, which would ultimately become the title track for their newest EP.

In the same month of October 2020, we also received the second teaser single “Artifice”, which introduced a far more fantastical side to Sundara Karma, and it quickly became one of my favourite tracks of last month.

My assumption was that these tracks would be teasing an album that would arrive next year. But Sundara Karma decided to conclude 2020 with their five-track EP.

Kill Me begins with the titular title track, and this sets up a great transitional single between the sound of their most recent album, and the aesthetic of this EP. The dynamic and colourful guitar work really adds a flavour to this track that feels somewhat reminiscent of the Sundara Karma I was familiar with, while leaning away enough from that typical formula to sound unique.

Out of all of the tracks on this EP, I found that the second track, titled “O Stranger” was the only tune that I felt torn about. While it is, by no means, a bad song at all, it’s aesthetic simply didn’t match with the rest of the EP in my opinion, and instead felt like something that should’ve been on Dorian Electra’s My Agenda.

But from then on out, things only get completely whimsical. The final three tracks of this EP transported me into some kind of musical fantasy paradise, with a diverse range of unique instrumental elements to accompany it.

We essentially have the aforementioned power ballad “Artifice”, sandwiched in-between two brand new tracks. The first of which, “YOUR TOUCH” gets off to a bursting and euphoric start, and overall carries a brilliant spiritual vibe. And while the same can definitely be said for the final track “Lifelines”, that is definitely all there is too this EP’s closer.

In fact, “Lifelines” is probably my favourite track on this entire project. The steady progression, and phenomenal depth and warmth behind this track’s most definitive moments. It truly felt like a brilliant way to conclude this awesome EP.

And while, in my heart of hearts, I would’ve adored the idea of this new and dynamic approach to Sundara Karma’s sound on another studio album, and indeed would’ve been fine with waiting that extra chunk of time to see it become a reality, Kill Me as an EP is still more than satisfactory.

This EP truly has me excited for what the future holds for this amazing band, and it is sure to keep me completely entertained until their next move.

Favourite Tracks: YOUR TOUCH | Artifice | Lifelines

Least Favourite Track: O Stranger

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