The Big Moon — Walking Like We Do — Album Review

Indie | Rock

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The idea of reviewing this album was something that I sat on for a short while, but I believe that The Big Moon’s Walking Like We Do ended up being a compelling enough project for me to listen to fully and critically.

I didn’t know a tonne about The Big Moon going into the bands sophomore album, but I definitely got a great sense of chemistry between each members when skimming over a variation of tracks. Said chemistry became the real driving point of this project for me, and was one of the primary reasons for me giving Walking Like We Do a listen.

Another big reason is possibly the bright and sunny mood that the album creates with thanks to a large number of the tracks. In that sense, the way I felt towards this albums atmosphere feels similar to what I felt towards Shame’s 2018 project Songs of Praise, and ultimately gives off a very spring-like vibe. With that, I feel that this record is effective in how it helps to excite me in the warmer days to come.

Stylistically, however, The Big Moon borrow inspiration from mostly Wolf Alice it seems, although there is also a hint of Lana Del Rey or Weyes Blood in there as well.

A selection of tracks on this thing are either lyrically clever, lyrically uplifting, or both. The encouraging power that Walking Like We do carries is rather visible, especially in the tracks that I prefer.

Being an indie rock band, it does indeed feel like The Big Moon play it safe with a typical formula that one would expect with an album that classifies itself with these genres. This sticking to indie rock tradition does unfortunately mean that there are a number of tracks that suffer from being bland or unmemorable. Consequently, the full album is a bit of a mixed bag, but one with pros that outweigh the cons.

Overall, Walking Like We Do is still a very solid project, with a number of beautiful melodies and a consistent lyrical prowess, and I’m sure that this will be another project to grow on me like a triffid.

Favourite Tracks: Your Light | Take A Piece | A Hundred Ways To Land

Least Favourite Track: Waves

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