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Hardcore | Metal

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I was lucky enough to have discovered the Boston hardcore outfit known as very early on. To be specific, this was back when the band still carried their previous title of Vein (without the .fm), and were teasing the release of their debut album.

Titled Errorzone, this album showed that the band had little to know trouble in following the musical instincts of Code Orange, when it came to their innovative twist on the quite saturated hardcore metal genre. I absolutely loved that debut album, to the point where it easily stood as one of my favourite records of 2018. And after that, I was definitely hungry to see where would push their sound next.

While I was fortunate to have not only witnessed, but also photographed and reviewed a live set of theirs, which took place at Brighton’s Green Door Store back in early 2019, I didn’t realise at that point that it would be almost four years before released their sophomore studio album.

Seen as I was unfortunate enough to be lumped with Spotify Premium, I had to wait even longer than normal for the release of This World is Going to Ruin You, despite enjoying the three teaser tracks the band had put out prior. I couldn’t help but seethe with envy as I saw the album already being posted on Apple Music, Bandcamp, and other streaming services.

It almost came to a point where I felt that I wouldn’t be able to write a fair enough review for this record. But one fateful night, just when I was thinking to myself that it was never going to appear, This World is Going to Ruin You finally appeared on Spotify, in all its shining glory.

Given the sheer amount of anticipation I had built up for myself regarding this album, you best believe that I was hyped to get into this, especially with the positive criticism that the record had already claimed.

As I later found when listening to this album fully for the first time, I realised that all of the positive criticism This World is Going to Ruin You claimed, was rightfully deserved. While many of the tracks allow the album to stand as one that is equally brutal and intense as Vein’s debut, there are also more melodic moments that show signals of evolution within the band. In addition, this sophomore album really does stand out from any project the band have done before.

The familiarities that we do get with This World is Going to Ruin You, lie mainly within Vein’s knack for switching things up constantly in regard to their heavy-as-hell instrumentals. This further boosts the sense that the album is always an exciting and surprising listen around every corner. The mix of vocals, from both members and featured artists alike, give this record an insurmountable sense of depth.

In terms of narrative, This World is Going to Ruin You always seems to be pointing back to that very title, offering brutality in both instrumentals and lyrics. Overall, it makes for an experience that has a painfully firm grip on the listener.

Favourite Tracks: The Killing Womb | Magazine Beach | Inside Design

Least Favourite Track: Wherever You Are

Closed Casket Activities

Final Score: 80%




My articles mainly revolve around music reviews and analysis. A bit like Anthony Fantano, but just a decade behind.

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Joe Boothby

Joe Boothby

My articles mainly revolve around music reviews and analysis. A bit like Anthony Fantano, but just a decade behind.

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